121-kW solar array tops new senior center in Connecticut

Solar energy developer Verogy completed construction of a 121 kW photovoltaic system in East Hartford, Connecticut.

Credit: Verogy

The rooftop array is located in the city’s South End Senior Center and Senior Services Division. The solar power system was part of a $9.9 million project to build the new facility, which opened for operation in September this year.

East Hartford signed a power purchase agreement that stipulates a lower electricity rate so that, as costs increase in the future, the city will continue to pay a lower amount for electricity over the 25-year term of the agreement.

“Our team was proud to have the opportunity to work with the City of East Hartford on this exciting project,” said Will Herchel, CEO of Verogy. “The City of East Hartford and its forward-looking leaders have made a smart decision to use clean energy that not only generates zero-emission electricity, but also saves taxpayers’ money. It’s a real win-win situation for residents of East Hartford.”

The array on the roof will produce 137,517 kWh of energy annually. Once operational, it is estimated that the solar power system will save taxpayers an average of $12,500 annually over the 25-year period.

“Sustainability is a key goal in East Hartford. That’s why we’ve taken steps to take clean transportation, energy efficiency and other measures,” said Mayor Mike Walsh. “The completion of the solar panel in the Senior Center makes it the 10th solar installation in the city, demonstrating our passion to reduce our carbon footprint and invest in renewable energy. The solar panels in the Senior Center are the latest example of how East Hartford is making our community ‘greener’ while saving taxpayers’ money.”

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