150-MW solar project planned on federal land in Nevada

NV Energy tapped Stanley Consultants to perform the owner’s engineering for the Dry Lake Solar photovoltaic solar project.

The 150-MW Dry Lake solar project will be located 20 miles northeast of Las Vegas in a designated federal solar zone. It includes a battery storage system that can store 400 MWh and supply 100 MW for a period of 4 hours. The Dry Lake facility is one of NV Energy’s three recently approved solar power plants.

The solar and battery project will be executed as two separate engineering, procurement and construction contracts. Stanley Consultants will assist NV Energy in assessing the environmental permit and design of photovoltaic and battery storage, as well as overseeing the project during construction, commissioning and performance testing.

“We look forward to providing professional services to NV Energy on this project and building on our growing renewable energy practice,” said Chris DePodesta, renewable energy practice leader for Stanley Consultants. “Together with our customers, we are working to achieve sustainability, resilience and carbon reduction goals using all available technology.”

Stanley Consultants has also partnered with two sub-consultants: ArcVera Renewables, which will provide renewable technology and testing expertise; and BEC Environmental, a Las Vegas-based company that will support Stanley Consultants’ environmental team.

In addition to home office support, Stanley Consultants will provide construction management supervision and on-site support, including commissioning and testing.

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