Abilene Plumber Has Message of Goodwill for Elderly in Need

While scrolling through Facebook today, I saw a post from a local plumber that had many people cheering on social media.

Brown sanitary ware had recently spoken to an elderly couple about problems with their plumbing. I learned that this couple could not afford a plumber and had been without hot water for weeks. While they may have had water, they couldn’t take a hot shower for weeks.

These are things we all take for granted, at least I know I do.

However, Brown’s message didn’t end with just an elderly couple without hot water. They went on to say that if any of us know anyone who doesn’t have hot or cold running water, and can’t legitimately afford to fix the problem, they should call them.

They went on to say that they were not just here to make money but to help the community in any way they could and part of that includes helping those who can’t help themselves.

Look, we live in very divided times and it warms my heart to know that there are people in our own community actively doing their part to be good people, like Brown Plumbing. This should also serve as a reminder to check on our elderly and inmates regularly. We cannot accept the excuse of out of sight, out of mind. So please don’t forget to check out the elderly.

You can check out Brown Plumbing’s entire post below. Also, if you are looking for a plumber, call these guys. I don’t know them, but I can tell they’re good people.

So I just got a call that an elderly couple hadn’t had hot water for weeks because they couldn’t afford to have a…

Posted by Brown Plumbing – Abilene, TX On Tuesday 21 September 2021

Brown Plumbing and others like you thank you for helping our community. As they say, not all heroes wear capes.

Aside from great people, here are reasons why you know you’re from Abilene

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