Acorn Finance and AccuLynx Partner to Help Roofing Contractors Grow Sales with Embedded Lending Solution

SACRAMENTO, California., September 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Acorn Finance, the world’s first integrated credit market for home improvement finance, and AccuLynx, the leading provider of cloud-based business management software for roofers, have partnered to help roofers grow revenue and improve the customer experience for homeowners offer an attractive range of financial products and financing options.

“Our partnership with Acorn Finance enables contractors using AccuLynx software to provide their customers with reliable and convenient financing options for their roofing projects,” said Mark Rattin, VP of Product for AccuLynx. “This partnership will help contractors close more sales and increase revenue, while improving the customer experience.”

To offer financing to their clients, contractors usually have to apply individually to lenders, and smaller or newer companies are often turned down. Homeowners can also apply for financing directly independently of the contractor, but this can be a complex process. Acorn Finance is democratizing home improvement loans with a built-in solution that gives contractors the ability to offer loan solutions to their customers directly from AccuLynx while taking them out of the loan process, all at no cost to the contractor.

“By offering financing, contractors can generate up to 30 percent more revenue,” he said Giri Addanki, CEO of Acorn Finance. “Acorn Finance empowers contractors to grow their business with a financing solution, and it empowers homeowners to get better financing at competitive rates by providing a variety of pre-qualified offers from a network of trusted lenders — all within a few seconds and less clicks.”

About Acorn Finance
Acorn Finance is the world’s first integrated home improvement finance credit market, empowering borrowers, lenders, contractors and software vendors to achieve their goals. Borrowers can shop for the best rates from the best lenders, all in seconds and fewer clicks. Contractors can increase their revenue by offering financing to customers at no additional cost to themselves. Home improvement software vendors can add value for contractors and improve the homeowner’s buying experience by incorporating Acorn Finance’s solution into their estimates and invoices. Lenders can reach more homeowners while testing the ideal rates for optimal engagement. For more information, visit

About AccuLynx
AccuLynx is the leading provider of cloud-based business management software for roofers. Recognized as an industry pioneer, AccuLynx has helped thousands of companies — from high-growth start-ups to multi-location operations — streamline their processes and grow their businesses. AccuLynx’s simple business management tools, used by more contractors than any other roofing software, include CRM, estimating, production planning, project management, air measurements, material ordering, photo sharing, payment processing, custom reporting, homeowner financing and more. For more information visit

SOURCE Acorn Finance

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