Affordable Contractors Insurance Protects Roofing Companies From Liability Claims

PHOENIX, September 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Arizona-based Affordable Contractors Insurance offers a 20% discount special rate for buyers of its liability, contractor, and roofing services. ACI has been in the business for 10 years and knows the importance of providing affordable coverage to roofing companies.

With this, ACI hopes to reach contractors who have yet to discover the importance of liability insurance. The roofing industry is constantly exposed to risk, so taking extra steps to insure the business is crucial. Success is not enough to keep a roofing business safe and protected.

Protection against risks

Over the years, ACI has helped protect its customers from some of the most common hazards, most commonly injuries or accidents that have happened to anyone in the workplace or on the premises of the company’s business premises.

ACI provides sufficient coverage so that if something goes wrong while the roofers are working on a customer’s home or building, the roofing company is exempt from liability for the incident. Without proper protection, the contractor will have to pay the injured party’s costs with personal or company funds. The costs can pile up if the injured party files a lawsuit or liability claim.

Roofers face a variety of liability risks, the most common of which are the following:

Personal damage – When the actions or work of a roofer violates the rights or damages the reputation of a client, competitor or other party, the roofer can be sued for personal injury.

Property damage – This happens when substandard work by a roofer causes more damage than good to a customer’s property. For example, after the roofer replaces the roof, the customer discovers water damage that can be traced back to a leak in the newly replaced roof.

In addition, if a roofer breaks or destroys anything in the customer’s property (including cars), the homeowner can file a claim with the roofer.

Even if an incident was unintentional or accidental, roofers could still face a lawsuit if the injured party decides to file a liability claim.

Affordable Contractors Insurance offers roofing liability insurance, the best protection against liability risks any roofing company can get.

Roof Liability Insurance: Protecting Roofers

Roofing liability insurance protects roofers by providing an alternative solution to paying liability claims. With the right insurance, contractors don’t have to use their own or company money to pay for the damage. If you are faced with a lawsuit, the insurance will cover all legal costs.

More opportunities for a roofer with reliable roofing insurance because customers prefer to hire roofers with good coverage. Approving licenses by companies and contractors is also easier. Also, most states require at least one type of roofer insurance.

Contact a reliable roofer insurance company

Know and understand everything a roofing company needs to protect it from liability claims. Contact a reliable roofing insurer such as Affordable Contractor Insurance.

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