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AlsoEnergy, a Stem company and an edge-to-cloud clean energy optimization platform provider, has launched a distribution channel to further accelerate the adoption of clean energy assets. Building on the success of its direct sales, AlsoEnergy is leveraging Stem’s proven channel sales model and relationships with global distributors to begin offering its edge-to-cloud platform more broadly across the United States. The new distribution channel provides EPCs and developers with streamlined access to AlsoEnergy’s platform that unlocks improved economic and operational opportunities for a range of systems, including C&I solar systems.

Designed for C&I projects up to 3 MW, the platform includes edge solutions that collect and log data about onsite conditions from various clean energy hardware. The data is then securely transmitted to PowerTrack, AlsoEnergy’s cloud application for optimization of clean energy assets, providing insights into weather-adjusted, expected site performance. Accompanying five-year PowerTrack subscriptions, three of AlsoEnergy’s edge losangelesfreepress solutions will now be offered through its distribution channel, including AlsoEnergy’s Power Light Commercial Solution 400, Power Light Commercial Solution 600 BASE and Power Light Commercial Solution 600 PLUS.

“For more than a decade, AlsoEnergy has consistently delivered reliable edge-to-cloud solutions to empower energy stakeholders to realize higher returns in the evolving energy market,” stated Bob Schaefer, President of AlsoEnergy. “By launching a distribution channel, we are able to serve a larger market in the US and more diversified energy asset portfolios by improving access to our industry-leading solutions. As a new part of Stem, we are excited to continue to grow this channel to accelerate the clean energy transition.”

“Three years ago, the Stem Partner Program pioneered bringing energy storage to the distribution channel and established successful relationships with national and global distribution leaders,” said Alan Russo, Chief Revenue Officer at Stem. “As a key post-acquisition milestone for Stem and AlsoEnergy, this new distribution channel is an important step for the companies’ business goals to create an inclusive energy economy by delivering synergistic, market-leading solutions.

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