Anderson Tuftex unveils 2023 Phase One intros

Dalton—Anderson Tuftex (A/T), premium residential carpet, hardwood and rug brand of Shaw Industries, has announced its phase one introductions for soft surface and hardwood for 2023.

Soft surface styles were inspired with the intent to elevate, differentiate and rejuvenate Anderson Tuftex’s current carpet portfolio. Phase one of the 2023 design portfolio puts special emphasis on more versatile color variation and has allowed Shaw designers to expand on what is possible in soft surface style and design.

A/T’s Signature collection features six new styles, including four new Pet Perfect styles, all with varying colors and designs. The Studio collection features four new styles that offer a rejuvenated take on other popular A/T styles.

“The shifts in color bring depth, enhance dimension, and add a strong sense of character to each style,” explained A/T’s senior marketing manager, Jacob Daily. “Each style is 100% unique and is an authentic transformation from traditional aesthetics. And, all products are sustainably made, furthering Anderson Tuftex’s commitment to designing healthy homes and spaces – for people and the planet.”

New 2023 styles include:

Signature Cap Perfect styles

Four ultra-durable, easy-to-clean carpets. Designed for pet owners. Perfect for pets.

Anderson TuftexBatique

Batique features intricate and elaborate patterning akin to a tapestry. Adorn any space with a fusion of texture, color and hand-loomed appeal.

48oz. ANSO High Performance PET | Available in 18 colors | Soft Bac Platinum


A vibrant and elevated herringbone pattern gives the all-loop construction of Marquet a style that is both intricate and natural.

48oz. ANSO High Performance PET | Available in 18 colors | Soft Bac Platinum

Anderson TuftexModern

A modern take on a woven parquet, Moderne is a blend of all the best attributes: structured yet casual; clean yet substantive; elegant yet unpretentious; contemporary yet timeless.

48oz. ANSO High Performance PET | Available in 18 colors | Soft Bac Platinum


Boasting lush, undulating and pinpoint striations, Magnifique creates a rich, near-solid styling statement to compliment any space.

75oz. ANSO High Performance PET | Available in 18 colors | Soft Bac Platinum

Signature styles

Anderson TuftexHello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful adds an air of easy relaxation to interior spaces with its long, loose fiber construction.

100oz. ANSO High Performance Nylon| Available in 12 colors | Soft Bac Platinum


A maze of interconnecting pathways that join seamlessly and stop abruptly, Path is a journey of perceived symmetry and creates a modern sense of completion for the home.

65oz. ANSO High Performance Nylon| Available in 18 colors | Soft Bac Platinum

studio collection

Anderson TuftexAlways Natural

Perfect patterns combine as one imperfect herringbone. Always Natural provides seamless, satiating appeal.

36oz. ANSO High Performance Nylon| Available in 18 colors | Soft Bac Platinum


Dress the home with the perfectly imperfect Breeze Block, which grants permission to blur lines of symmetry with its lovely subtlety and premeditated imbalance.

36oz. ANSO High Performance Nylon| Available in 18 colors | Soft Bac Platinum

Anderson TuftexCozy Cable

City vibes are the essence of human connection. Embrace the overlap of restfulness and a kinetic, industrial energy with Cozy Cable.

36oz. ANSO High Performance Nylon| Available in 18 colors | Soft Bac Platinum

Arden Park

A carpet imbued with the perfect touch of overcast coziness. Arden Park is evenly cut with a natural colorway that inspires tranquility and invites solitude.

40oz. ANSO High Performance Nylon| Available in 24 colors | Soft Bac Platinum

Hardly your regular hardwoods

New introductions in hardwood for A/T include Instrumental, a maple hardwood line with five expressive colors, and three new color introductions to the brand’s existing Noble Hall collection.

A/T’s Noble Hall collection features a foundational white oak series with wire-brushed visuals. New 2023 colors intentionally add modern looks to the collection while maintaining its timeless aesthetic.

“New Noble Hall color adds from Anderson Tuftex are foundational, natural and essential for interior designs,” said Alex Moody, a designer for Anderson Tuftex. “If you’re curating a wardrobe, these would be your stylish staples that go with every occasion. New maples from our Instrumental line offer more expressive and flashy styles for making bolder style statements.”

Inspired by the maple veneers of jazz and blues guitars, this new collection from A/T produces a visual clarity that is just as perfect as the famed licks and melodies that gave the muse its humble beginnings. This clarity is especially notable due to the long-maligned visual of maple hardwoods in the industry. Thanks to a new and innovative staining process, Instrumental will excel where other maple hardwoods fell short.

A/T’s phase one hard surface introductions include:

Anderson Tuftexinstrumental

Inspired by the staining process used for making maple musical instruments, this engineered hardwood brings unmatched clarity, depth and movement. The transparent stain amplifies the beauty of these maple veneers and brings unique notes to each of the five beautiful colors.

8-inch-wide Maple | 5 colors | engineered

Noble Hall

As the name suggests, Noble Hall’s grand, wide planks and wire-brushed surface lend a tone of strength and heritage to a space. But the unique modern color tones, including hard-to-find light, cool blonde woods work perfectly with any style of decor. This impressive white oak series keeps things simple, while quietly and confidently balancing timeless elegance and current design trends.

7-inch-wide white oak | 8 colors | engineered

TotalWorx: Simplified Solutions

Shaw’s streamlined TotalWorx portfolio works toward simplifying the installation process and includes:

  • PrepWorx, floor prep products
  • GroundWorx, cushion and underlayment (including Courage, Charity and Hope from the Shaw Cushion for St. Jude Collection)
  • LokWorx, seam tape, adhesives and tack strips
  • FinishWorx, trims, cove base and stair treads
  • CareWorx, disinfectants and cleaners

TotalWorx provides retailers, homeowners, and installers with everything needed to complete any installation from beginning to end, hassle-free. Its comprehensive portfolio helps mitigate installer confusion that comes from working with a combination of brands.

For more information on Anderson Tuftex’s 2023 soft surface introductions contact your territory manager.

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