Another Rockingham School Board member resigns | Local News

BELLOWS FALLS — Rockingham School principal Jason Terry has resigned from the board, which is already one less member.

Terry said Friday that he wanted to devote more time to his work on the Bellows Falls Union High School board. He was elected to the high school board last March; he was elected to the Rockingham board in March 2020.

“People are spread too thinly,” Terry said. “They are trying their best.”

Terry and David Clark, a BFUHS board member from Westminster who stepped down Wednesday night as chairman of the board of the Windham Northeast Supervisory Union, both said they wanted to spend more time troubleshooting the high school’s HVAC system. which is the subject of two technical reviews.

Terry declined to say what prompted his resignation, which came shortly after Wednesday night’s controversial Windham Northeast Supervisory Union meeting.

“I’m going for the main road,” he said, pointing out that he would let his letter of resignation speak for him.

“Last night it became abundantly clear that I need to spend more time on the high school board and not the Rockingham board. My concern is that we have some immediate issues with the HVAC system that appears to have been neglected for a long time and I want to be available to the new director Mr Broadley,” Terry wrote.

“In my approximately 18 months on the board of Rockingham I feel I have made a positive impact and I have done my best to do the right thing for the children,” he added.

“It also became very clear in the board meeting that we have a number of issues in the supervisory union that need to be ironed out. I also feel bad about leaving the Rockingham board because I was the representative for the negotiations on the teacher contracts,” he wrote.

“I am confident that Directors Kerry Kennedy, Susan Johnson and Laura Hazard along with Nurses Jennifer Burke and Kat Goodell will do great things for the Rockingham district. Teachers have worked really hard during this pandemic and I really hoped to reward them appropriately for their great work,” he said.

Terry said he felt bad about leaving Rockingham’s board, especially as he was on the negotiating committee and had hoped to reward the teachers and support staff for their hard work during the past year of the coronavirus pandemic.

Priscilla Lambert, chairman of the Rockingham School Board, said Friday that the board would consider Terry’s letter of resignation at its next meeting on Sept. 20. She said the board hopes to appoint a new member at that meeting to fill the position that has been vacant in the past. summer by former CEO George Smith.

Lambert said she hadn’t spoken to Terry about his firing, but she hinted she hoped he would reconsider. “The board will respect its decision,” she said.

But she said the various school boards and principals in the Windham Northeast Supervisory Union had just had “an intense week.”

“We need to be confident, gentle and caring for each of our board members,” said Lambert, who had closed horns with Clark about what she described as an autocratic approach to finding an interim superintendent.

Lambert declined to identify the person who had applied for Smith’s position on the board for the remainder of the time.

The other board members are Jason Benson and Megan Applegate. Benson was also elected in March 2020 and Applegate was named last October to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Rick Holloway, also a former chairman. Applegate was himself elected in March to fill the unexpired term originally held by Holloway.

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