Apple iPhone may let you control your car’s HVAC, radio and more, report says

Project IronHeart could take CarPlay much further.


Apple CarPlay isn’t the end of the tech giant’s automotive tech ambitions, according to a new report from Bloomberg on Thursday. According to the report, Apple is working hard on a project called “IronHeart”, which will allow iPhone users to control more functions of their vehicles. This could give iOS users access to a car’s radio, heating and air conditioning, power seats and even the meter box.

The idea is to provide a total solution to alleviate the frustration of CarPlay users switching between the smartphone mirroring system for media, but native controls for other vehicle functions, Bloomberg sources said. Apple hasn’t immediately returned a request for comment, but expects silence on such secret projects. The sources also compared this project to how Apple approached its smartphone and health ecosystems to provide one place for all controls.

Project IronHeart comes as the latest round of Apple’s work to further integrate the iPhone and its watch into cars. car key, by far the most useful new initiative, is currently only available for BMW vehicles, for example. It also comes as Apple Car Rumors to keep moving. While it looked like the project was ready to take off earlier this year with a possible Hyundai deal, things have cooled down after Apple lost its top Apple Car Project Talent, ex-Tesla veteran Doug Fields, to Ford. If and when we ever get an Apple Car, IronHeart could be an important building block.

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