Aurora Solar releases AI-driven PV sales and design services

Aurora Solar, a cloud-based solar platform, unveiled a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to support solar team members, from marketing and sales, to design and more. Powered by proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms, Aurora’s AI solutions are designed to drive solar adoption by lowering soft costs of delivery, and ultimately accelerating project revenue.

Aurora Solar’s Lead Capture AI generates 3D solar estimates for homeowners, to help businesses:

  • Decrease acquisition and overhead costs: With just an address and utility bill estimate, homeowners are presented with potential solar savings and a 3D visual of their own home outfitted with solar. By eliminating the back and forth of site visits, paperwork and inaccurate estimates, solar professionals can convert more organic web leads.
  • Boost conversion funnels and streamline deals: Using the website to capture qualification data lets marketing deliver quicker leads to the sales team.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Digital-first marketing and sales strategies help solar businesses meet homeowners’ expectations with an omnichannel experience.

“In less than a month with Aurora’s Lead Capture AI, we quadrupled our web lead volume and saw 25% higher appointment set rates from our organic leads compared to what we generated through other marketing channels,” said Richard Murdocco, VP of marketing, NY State Solar. “Lead Capture AI’s engaging visuals with readily quantified benefits help potential clients understand not only their savings, but what solar would realistically look like on their home.”

Aurora AI is available in design and Sales Modes, and is able to develop automatically-generated 3D models in 30 seconds. With one click, designers and salespeople can begin projects with an AI-generated site model.

Aurora aims to create accurate solar quotes Sales Mode for solar salespeople. Design Mode with Aurora AI gives designers a framework for site models, letting them focus on the finer details of a project.

“While the demand for solar grows, solutions haven’t kept pace; most solar software products offer a choice between speed or accuracy. At the same time, solar buyers want a dynamic, fast and personalized experience,” said Chris Hopper, CEO and co-founder, Aurora Solar. “Our suite of AI solutions delivers on all fronts: it powers the marketing and sales teams, streamlines the design process and provides a delightful homeowner experience. With AI, we can realize our vision to create a future of solar for all.”

News item from Aurora Solar

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