Behind-the-meter hardware SolShare allows for on-site solar sharing at apartment complexes

Solar installer esaSolar has completed an installation of a “shared solar system” for a multi-family apartment complex in Orlando. The installation for RENU Communities uses hardware from Allume Energy† By using Allume’s SolShare technology, residents of the 296-unit Canopy Villa Apartments can subscribe to portions of the array on the roof.

SolShare is likely the only hardware for sharing rooftop solar with multiple apartments in the same building.

“This innovative partnership represents RENU’s core values ​​of constantly evaluating and implementing tailored solutions for our projects. We are excited for this collaboration, leveraging this technology to accelerate the distribution of clean energy and improve resiliency,” said Christopher Gray, Chief Technology Officer of RENU Communities.

With 21.9 million apartment units in the United States, the success of this project is set to create a precedent for the multi-family real estate industry in Florida and beyond.

Orlando Utilities Commission worked with Allume, RENU and esaSolar to review and ensure this system met Florida’s interconnection and safety requirements. The system has the potential to significantly contribute to the City of Orlando’s net-zero goals and growing confidence in shared solar as a reliable power source for residents in multi-tenanted buildings.

“Because Orlando is one of the fastest growing cities in Florida, it needs to develop affordable housing solutions that also prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability,” said Morgan Brawner, esaSolar’s Vice President of Business Development.

SolShare, developed by Australian-born, Los Angeles based Allume Energy, as an answer for multi-tenanted residents wanting to access the environmental and economic benefits of rooftop solar, requires no change to the existing electricity supply and metering infrastructure. It sits entirely behind the meter, making it an affordable and scalable solution to expand access to solar globally.

“We are thrilled to see the SolShare in this milestone project unlocking a crucial part of offering carbon-neutral living in Florida. We look forward to expanding solar access to as many Floridian tenants while contributing to OUC’s net-zero energy goals,” said Mel Bergsneider, Allume’s Executive Account Manager.

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