billyGO Customers Control Their Schedule

We have found that keeping our promises to customers is not only the right thing to do for them, but also for us. Respecting your time is at the top of our list of promises to our customers. That’s why we built billyGO specifically to put customers back in control of their time.

Everyone’s time is in high demand now that things are getting more or less normal. You have less time to get more things done—driving kids to and from school, grading homework, fall sports, parent and teacher meetings. The list is endless. The last thing you have time for is sitting at home waiting for a plumber or air conditioner to show up in the morning or afternoon.

As much as we tell people how BillyGO lets you decide when you can fit us in your schedule, it still seems too good to be true for some people. That’s why we get pretty excited when we get notes like this from people who have decided to try BillyGO.

“Dear Jeff and Adam,

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen articles or ads about how BillyGO lets you schedule your own time for a plumbing or AC service visit, but I just attributed it to more marketing hype. I thought there was a gimmick somewhere.

Then my laundry room drain stopped one night last week and I had to work the next day. So I decided to see if I could have one of your plumbers come the next morning.

I went to and at the top of the page it said: ‘Dallas-Fort Worth’s fastest plumbing, heating and air conditioning – one-hour appointments’. I clicked on the orange box that reads ‘Tell us when.’

I was surprised how simple the process was. It only took a few minutes to describe my problem, provide my address and contact details, and then select the time for my appointment. I chose 10am, whichever suits my schedule best.

A text confirming my appointment time arrived a second or two after I tapped the “Schedule Appointment” button on my phone. It’s hard to explain what a relief it was to see that – and I hadn’t spoken to anyone!

The next morning my plumber showed up on time and had my drain working again in about 20 minutes. Since I had blocked out a little more time for this job, I actually got some bonus time to catch up on other things.

I am a believer. The whole experience was even better than I expected. You can be sure that I will recommend BillyGO to my friends.”

Respecting your time is at the top of our list of promises to our customers. The BillyGO online planner is designed to put you in control of your time, not us. It saves time by making it quick and easy to use, whether you’re planning an emergency service or routine maintenance.

Isn’t it over? time for you to try BillyGO?

by Adam Mennenga and Jeff Sims

September 21, 2021


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