Bishop Herman College giant block under threat; roofs ripped off, columns wearing off

The oldest structure on the campus of Bishop Herman College in Kpando in the Volta region, has developed flaws on parts that threaten the building’s survival.

Some of the columns holding the hallway have fallen off, while others have cracked, posing a danger to the school community.

Bishop Herman College Huge Block Threatened;  roofs torn off, columns wear out
A photo of the damaged sections of the Giant Block on Bishop Herman’s campus.

The Giant Block, which houses a dormitory, library, and boxing rooms, is one of the oldest buildings on campus since the school was founded in 1952.

The structure that houses about 300 of the 2,200 student population is seriously flawed.

Several months ago, a storm tore off parts of the building’s roof, forcing school management to evacuate students in about four dormitories.

Bishop Herman College Huge Block Threatened;  roofs torn off, columns wear out
Parts of the torn roof of the giant block.

The development has worried the old boys of the school as the state of the structure threatens the lives of the students.

An Old Boy, Komla Wogbe Ofori, explained that the contractor had abandoned rehabilitation work on the structure because he had failed to make payments for previous work.

According to him, the contractor re-roofed the structure and repaired the agitators on the sides of the building, which he had not completed.

“The contractor complained that they have not paid him for work done previously and therefore he does not have the money and resources to purchase various materials and then come to the site.”

“As it is now, it leaks a lot when it rains. Some slabs are not safe for habitation. You see, as a public building for this kind of young students, we shouldn’t expose them to weak buildings,” he emphasized.

Mr Ofori called for the immediate intervention of the relevant authorities and indicated that the old boys are mobilizing funds to bring the building into shape to “restore it”. [the Giant Block] to its former glory”.

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