Borrego to develop solar + storage projects co-sited at hydropower facilities in New England

Borrego announced it will develop solar and storage projects to site at hydropower facilities in Massachusetts and Connecticut owned by First Light Power.

“I am thrilled to partner with Borrego to accelerate New England’s path to a fully decarbonized electric grid by advancing innovative new solar and energy storage offerings to customers in Massachusetts and Connecticut,” said Alicia Barton, President and CEO of FirstLight.

The new collaboration will focus on developing solar and storage at FirstLight’s existing hydropower facilities in a way that centers reliability, affordability and equity. FirstLight already operates the largest portfolio of renewable energy generation projects in New England. The new developments will provide local jobs and increase FirstLight’s already substantial economic development impact in the local communities.

“Borrego’s partnership with FirstLight will help create innovative hybrid renewables solutions in New England – combining solar and energy storage resources with existing generation,” said Jared Connell, VP of Project Development in New England, of Borrego. “This kind of bold thinking around aggressive decarbonization is a big reason why we’re excited to work with FirstLight.”

The new storage and solar assets are aimed to bring flexibility to FirstLight’s existing hydropower portfolio in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The strategic partnership will also bring a new generation of hybrid renewable energy resources to serve New England’s grid, setting a bold example for how diverse clean energy technologies should be combined to deliver maximum system value.

News item from Borrego

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