Bryan, College Station businesses step up to help with Hurricane Ida relief efforts

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Several local businesses are doing their best to help the victims of Hurricane Ida.

Bradley Gause, JBG Plumbing’s director of commercial operations, was on his way to Louisiana when KBTX spoke to him today. Gause said he hopes to bring some comfort to people during this time.

The JBG Plumbing team works with organizations that organize rides for clothing, food, etc. They load the supplies into their trucks and deliver it to the worst affected communities.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done this. Gause said they spent two weeks in Houston after Hurricane Harvey, bringing vital resources to the people of the city. They realized that the organizers of these rides often have no way of transporting the supplies once they have been collected. That’s where the JBG Plumbing team comes into play.

“We’ve always been big on giving,” Gause said. “Fortunately, we now have the resources to do this.”

He said they’ve been planning this effort ever since they first heard about the storm developing off the coast.

While JBG Plumbing deploys teams to help in Louisiana and Mississippi, another business owner is helping people here at home in the Brazos Valley.

Korey Thomas, owner The Remnant of Nawlins, was busy cooking enough food to feed hundreds.

He and his family came to Bryan in 2005 to evacuate from Hurricane Katrina. Born and raised in New Orleans, Thomas wanted to bring the flavor of his childhood to BCS.

Now he hopes to give back to the community that took him in after he had to leave his home.

Thomas said some of his relatives are still in New Orleans and he hasn’t been able to reach his brother yet. He said cooking was a helpful distraction for others during this difficult time.

He said he wants to give everyone who has been driven from their homes because of the hurricane a hot meal… and not just any hot meal, but one that tastes like their home in New Orleans.

Thomas said anyone who wants to help distribute food is welcome to come to the restaurant and hand out plates, and if they can’t get there but still want to help, they can donate to Thomas’ Cash App.

“I hope people know that we are standing by them in this terrible time,” Thomas said.

To learn more about what JBG Plumbing and The Remnant of Nawlins are doing to help, see here:

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