Building’s Plumbing Clogged After Woman Tried To Flush Newborn Baby Down Toilet

A woman in Japan was arrested on Monday, September 20 after it was revealed that she had tried to abandon her newborn baby by flushing him down the toilet, causing a blockage that prevented the apartment block’s toilets from working properly for days.

Penpanassak Supaporn, a 28-year-old Thai citizen residing in Tokyo, Japan, was reportedly more than 25 weeks pregnant when she gave birth on Friday in the bathroom of her Tokyo condominium, according to the report. Japanese times.

She gave birth to a baby boy, whose postmortem was measured to have a body measuring 27 cm (10.6 inches) in length and weighing more than 635 grams. It is said that she gave birth to the child in the toilet herself.

Investigators have stated that the mother was “upset after seeing blood and the dead baby’s body and flushing the toilet”. Kyodo News reported.

The boy remained undetected in the condominium’s pipes until residents of the area began complaining to building management about the non-functioning of their toilets on Sunday afternoon.

A repairman came to check the blocked pipes, then they found the dead baby boy, with his umbilical cord still attached to his body, according to Japan today.

The newborn was taken to a coroner’s office to determine whether the baby was stillborn when he was first born, or whether Supaporn’s baby was alive before flushing it down the toilet.

Supaporn has been living in Tokyo on a short-term visa for over a year since March 2020. She lives in the Shinjuku neighborhood where she has a private residence owned by other operators whose deeds are in the name of the Chamber.

She has reportedly been looking into getting a more permanent visa situation for herself.

pim-chu-lkv16-AfGgA-unsplash A Thai woman in Japan reportedly flushed a baby down the toilet after giving birth, in a shocking series of events that clogged the building’s toilets for days. This is a representative image. UNSPLASH

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