Cali clicking on all cylinders

Incredible product, a sense of partnership and great service are among the many reasons why the industry’s premier dealers work with Cali.

Great people. Incredible product. Easy to do business with. Able to react quickly to market needs. Few claims. Fast response time. Seamless service. To several of the flooring industry’s premier flooring dealers, those superlatives accurately describe Cali, the San Diego-based supplier that serves key accounts with, among others, the National Floorcovering Alliance (NFA).

NFA dealers praised Cali as a partner that stands out for all the right reasons and helps them become more successful. For some, it starts with the simple fact that people like to do business with people they like.

That’s certainly true for Tom Urban, general manager, Great Lakes Flooring, Wildwood, Fla. “The best thing that Cali does is they are easy to do business with,” he explained. “Nothing is complicated, and they keep you informed on every step of the transaction. They know what they are good at and stay in that lane, providing the right number of great products and service.”

Urban added that Cali’s top management stays in touch with dealers to make sure they have the right products at the right price. “They are willing to listen to our needs and help wherever they can, and if we ever need help, they are right there to work with us. My best compliment would be: ‘Don’t change a thing.’”

Pierce Flooring, with three Montana locations, started doing business with Cali primarily due to its reputation of providing value and competitive advantages. While that still holds true today, there’s more, according to Greg Loeffler, COO. “With Cali, we now have a long history of quality products with very low claims activity, along with great service, communication and partnership. I call it a ‘true winning combination.’”

That sense of partnership is what stands out for Deb De-Graaf, co-owner, DeGraaf Interiors in Grand Rapids, Mich. As she explained: “One of the things I like most about our partnership with Cali is their ability to listen to our needs for both style and price point. They are small enough that they can pivot and adjust to the needs of their larger clients.”

The company’s ability to turn on a dime and provide excellent services was also noted by Larry Flick, president, The Floor Store, Richmond, Calif. “Cali is small enough to be nimble and react to the market quickly. Their styling and colors are second to none and West Coast-centric. I appreciate that their line is well thought out, that every product is meaningful.”

Dan Mandel, owner of Sterling Carpet & Flooring in Anaheim, Calif., said he appreciates the fact that Cali has taken a vested interest in his success. “They view us as true partners and vice-versa. We made a commitment early on that we would use this partnership to generate success for both of us.”

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