Cali releases four new installation products

adhesiveSan Diego, Calif—To better support summer building projects, Cali, the omni-channel flooring and decking company, is introducing four new installation products—a 6 mil moisture barrier, Titebond 675 LVT flooring adhesive, Titebond PVC trim adhesive and sealant and TrapEase composite deck screws. All of these products are now available for purchase on the company’s website.

6 mil plastic moisture barrier

This premium plastic underlayment made to protect subfloors and new planks also provides vapor protection over most subfloor types. According to the company, sheeting is extra easy to install—simply unroll and use the attached self-sealing tape at seams to join adjacent sheets. Pair with waterproof tape for enhanced moisture protection. The company said this plastic sheeting is durable enough to be used in other home construction and outdoor projects.

Titebond 675 LVT flooring adhesive

Titebond 675, the company’s low odor, non-toxic acrylic polymer adhesive, designed to secure luxury vinyl planks, is perfect for stair treads and high traffic areas, according to Cali. This product will adhere to flooring backed by cork, vinyl or rubber and can be applied using the trowel, roll or wet lay method. The adhesive is fast-setting, water resistant and environmentally safe.

Titebond PVC trim adhesive and sealant

This one-component, advanced polymer adhesive sealant is designed to dry fast, securing PVC trim as well as molding, deck railing and beadboard installations, according to Cali. It adheres and seals PVC trim to materials like wood, metal, masonry and other PVC trim. This sealant dries white to match trim pieces and provides a flexible, durable, weather-tight bond, according to the company. The product is fully warranted, low odor and VOC compliant.

TrapEase composite deck screws

Finish outdoor patios smoothly and securely with color-coordinated deck screws designed specifically for composite decking installations. According to the company, each package includes a drive system to ensure a wobble-free installation and help eliminate stripping. Screws are topped with UV-resistant, fade-proof paint colored to blend in with Cali Decking boards. Each bucket includes 350 screws, 2 driver bits and a spotter lid.

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