California YMCA goes solar + storage with XeroSolar

XeroSolar will officially connect a 221-kW solar panel to a 223-kWh Tesla battery at the Torrance-South Bay YMCA in Torrance, California. The project is expected to offset one fifth of the building’s electricity consumption.

The solar power system was generously donated by Jerry Marcil, current president of the Torrance-South Bay YMCA Community Support Campaign, Y board member and long-time Y supporter. Ben Lochtenberg, CEO of XeroSolar, is the chairman of Y’s board of directors and financial development committee, as well as the annual roundtable investor for the chairman of Y.

“The Torrance-South Bay Y is blessed with board members like Jerry Marcil and Ben Lochtenberg who have helped make solar a reality for us,” said Steve MacAller, executive director of Torrance-South Bay YMCA.

On October 27, 2021, the self-generated facility interconnection to Edison’s Southern California electrical grid was approved and Y received permission to operate the solar panel system. The Torrance-South Bay YMCA is the LA Association’s first solar-powered facility.

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