Clean Energy Job Fair will be held at RE+ Conference next month

The solar industry is slated to expand exponentially with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which makes historic investments in solar energy. Some reports suggest that the industry could employ more than one million Americans by 2030. According to the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s (IREC) 2021 National Solar Job Censuss, the US solar industry already employs 255,037 nationwide, representing an increase of 9.2% compared to 2020.

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GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit building community-powered solutions to advance economic and environmental justice through renewable energy, has trained close to 1,700 individuals in solar installation and placed more than 1,400 trainees at jobs in the renewable energy sector. Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE), a national nonprofit focused on accelerating the transition to a sustainable and equitable future, provides a range of programmatic opportunities to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

Diversifying the solar workforce with highly qualified employees is part of both GRID and WRISE’s missions, and it is critical to the continued growth and success of the renewable energy sector. That’s why GRID, WRISE, SEPA and SEIA are sponsoring the Clean Energy Job Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 21 from 11 am to 3 pm PST, in conjunction with the 2022 RE+ Conference in Anaheim, California. The job fair is free to all job seekers and will provide a dedicated space for job seekers and clean energy companies to connect. This is a national event, with registration open to any employers looking to hire in the United States but will have a strong emphasis on the Southern California solar job market.

“GRID is proud to partner on this event,” said Adewale Ogunbadejo, GRID’s Workforce Development Vice President. “Increasing the clean energy workforce in a way that addresses equity is incredibly important as we work to bring renewable energy solutions to the communities we serve. This job fair provides the chance for both employers and job seekers to learn, connect, and engage about career opportunities as the sector works to expand and strengthen the workforce and our local economies.”

“In order to address the climate crisis, it’s critical that we build a diverse and equitable workforce. We need every voice at the table and every skill set in the field to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities in front of us,” offered Kristen Graf, Executive Director of WRISE. “Supporting events like the Clean Energy Job Fair to facilitate connecting employers with qualified candidates is a unique and timely opportunity. It’s also important to continue to recruit individuals into the industry with opportunities, like the Rising Solar Fellowship, that supports aspiring solar professionals from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to pursue a career in renewable energy.”

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