Commissioners award vendors for county jail project

Oct. 12 – Pittsburg County commissioners voted Monday to use funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to reward suppliers for installing a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit at the Pittsburg County jail.

Commissions approved the use of ARPA funds to pay for the equipment and installation of the new HVAC unit, as well as a crane to place it on top of the building. Both the county jail and the sheriff’s office are housed in the building, the Pittsburg County Justice Center.

It is part of a recent series of upgrades to the facility, which has a new white and blue look. Sheriff Chris Morris said this is the result of inmates painting the building with a protective sealant.

Meanwhile, commissioners have awarded contracts to several vendors as part of an HVAC project at the facility, totaling $8,990.44.

Sellers and prizes awarded include:

-HVAC Unit – Locke Supply Co. for $6,808.

— Labor and installation costs — Kurt Whiteside for $1,200.

— Plumbing Supplies — Locke Supply Co. for $151.13.

-Electrical Supplies – Locke Supply Co. for $231.31.

—Crane — McCabe Crane & Sign Co., $600.

District 1 Commissioner Charlie Rogers, along with District 2 Commissioner Kevin Smith and Commission Chair/District 3 Commissioner Ross Selman to vote to grant the sellers unanimously.

Designated as project no. APRA-21004, the project approved Monday is an addition to a separate project to replace another HVAC unit in the facility. The approved project is designed to cover part of the building, with another HVAC project to cover the rest of the facility, said Commissioners First Deputy Sandra Crenshaw.

When the News-Capital later asked about the APRA-21.004 project number – the APRA number approved for the planned HVAC project at the Expo Center – Pittsburg County Clerk Hope Trammell determined an error had been made by a writer by the wrong APRA project number on the document commissioners approved Monday for the prison’s HVAC unit.

She said it should be amended and returned to the commissioners for approval with the correct APRA project number on the document.

Project No. APRA-21.002, approved by the commissioners last week, consists of replacing an HVAC unit and a hot water heater in the prison. The commissioners approved plans to equip that HVAC unit with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, an advanced filtration system designed to eliminate up to 99.9% of airborne and surface viruses.

This project “should fall under the implementation of infection prevention measures or ventilation improvements in congregation, health care facilities or other important locations,” the resolution states. “The hot water heater should also be covered by the implementation of infection prevention measures,” states the resolution approving Project No. APRA-21.002.

Trammell said the HVAC unit approved Monday should also provide additional protection.

“It has ultraviolet light filtering that should kill viruses,” she said. Trammell said there are plans for more HVAC projects at the site.

Meanwhile, Morris said the work inmates have done to cover the prison with the protective sealant that gives the building its new white and blue hue has been met with reactions.

He said they were doing so well that several pastors have already contacted him to ask if they can also use the prisoners’ workers to paint their churches.

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