Connecticut boilermaker reduces emissions further with solar carport

utility subsidiary ConEdison Solutions installed a 209-kW solar carport project at Preferred Utilities Manufacturing in Dansbury, Connecticut. The solar array was installed in the facility’s parking lot, creating a covered parking area.

Credit: Preferred Utilities Manufacturing

“The energy market needs equipment and expertise that leverage the use of renewable energy,” said Dwayne Boulden, Preferred’s Vice President of Finance. “Preferred takes a holistic approach to providing solutions, and adding solar to our building is a great demonstration of what we’re able to do. We’ve upgraded our property, and we’re investing in our community. And of course, we’re saving money, too.”

Preferred Utilities manufactures custom-engineered boiler solutions. In 2020, the company began using bio-residual oil, a low-emission fuel made from biological materials like agricultural waste and animal fats, to heat its 50,000 sq-ft facility.

With the addition of their solar panel installation, the facility has further reduced its carbon-based fuel usage.

“There are no ‘silver bullets’ in the quest for sustainability with renewable energy. Intelligent, real, cost-effective diversification is the winner,” added Preferred’s CEO, David Bohn. “If you are going to invest in a sustainable future, you have to look at a number of solutions, fuels, and energy sources. That’s why our combination of solar power generation and non-fossil, clean-burning, ultra-low carbon emission [bio-residual oil] is so successful, for Preferred Utilities and the planet.”

News item from Preferred Utilities Manufacturing

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