Couple transforms dated bathroom with the help of DIY YouTube videos

bathroom transformation

The works will cost a total of £2,300 (Photo: Jam Press)

We love a good DIY transformation.

It keeps costs down, adds character and makes for a great story.

A couple have shared the incredible transformation they’ve undertaken to turn their old, tired bathroom into a modern masterpiece – for just £2,300.

All the while, they’re teaching themselves DIY skills using just YouTube.

Lucy Young, 39, and her husband, Leon Young, 44, live with their three-year-old daughter Florence in an 1860s four-bedroom house in North Shropshire.

They always believed that the property was old and outdated and wanted to turn it into a comfortable and quiet space.

In December 2019, they embarked on that journey but decided to do it themselves and keep the budget low. Both had few DIY skills, but a series of YouTube tutorials taught them how to do all the work.

The bathroom before Lucy and Leon started work (Photo: Jam Press/@twosunsetview)

“YouTube was my go-to!” says Lucy. “We can do pretty much anything these days with a well-filmed ‘how to’ video and a ‘can do’ attitude. I think anyone brave enough to try it for themselves will do it! You will most likely surprise yourself with the result.

“There’s a lot of great content for people who want to get started on their own.”

They bought sanitary equipment and bathroom furniture from Victoria Plumbing, tiles from B&Q, floors from For The Floor And More and a brand new bathroom furniture from Ikea. To start with, Leon has renovated all the plumbing in the bathroom to create more space for the new vanity unit.

But the project did not always run smoothly. Drywall and tiles fell off the bathroom walls, so Leon had to lay bricks and put new drywall on the walls and ceiling.

The couple performed all the work themselves (Photo: Jam Press/@twosunsetview)

Meanwhile, Lucy was head of decoration and searched the internet for inspiration.

To carry out her vision, she bought a mirror from, art prints from Dy, and lighting from Dowsing and Reynolds. Leon also installed the electricity in the bathroom before painting and adding the radiator and the maximum lighting Lucy wanted.

To complete the room, the couple added printed vinyl floors that were slightly dampened, to make it safer for Florence.

Lucy says: ‘I originally wanted to go more traditional in this room and have a free-standing bath, but we soon realized we might not get the overall effect because it’s such a small space, so we decided we’d go modern. . .

It took nearly a year to complete (Image: Jam Press/@twosunsetview)

“All I knew we should have had was black faucets. We also knew we wanted to be bolder with color here, which started with making a decision to go for a bold printed vinyl floor.

“We chose it because we could change it easily enough if we decided we wanted to do something different again.

“We bought the white tiles, which was the safest option because as it was a small room, we wanted to open it up and make it as airy as possible, but we also knew we could use color on the walls and through accessories.

‘That way the tiles wouldn’t age too quickly and we could easily change the look with a lick of paint and a new floor, if necessary.’

The end result (Photo: Jam Press/@twosunsetview)

The entire bathroom renovation took the couple nearly a year to complete, but they couldn’t be happier with the final result.

“We had a one-year-old kid at the time and Leon didn’t want to spend every weekend off in the bathroom, so we prioritized family time over getting the project done quickly,” explains Lucy.

“We were lucky enough to have two other bathrooms available during the renovation.”

The interiors are bright and eclectic (Photo: Jam Press/@twosunsetview)

Lucy recommends that other do-it-yourselfers spend time figuring everything out before embarking on an important task.

“I’ve researched a lot, sometimes too much,” she adds. ‘But I think it’s important to make sure you know what you want, or more often in my case, what I don’t want!

‘And then discuss it with your partner or parents or whoever helps you with that. If you think along, you can come up with great solutions.’

Full breakdown of bathroom renovation costs

Bath – £179.95

Victorian Plumbing Bath Trap – £4.95

Victorian sanitary shower screen – £139.95

Victorian sanitary thermostatic shower – £199.95

Victorian bathroom basin mixer – £59.95

Victorian Plumbing Bath Mixer – £99.95

Victorian sanitary waste – £29.95

Victorian Plumbing Overflow Waste – £44.95

Victorian Plumbing Overflow Waste – £34.95

Victorian sanitary toilet – £171.95

Heat & Plumb Sink and Unit – £209.00

Ikea Vinyl Flooring – £138.00

For the floor and more Marine Ply for the floor – £30.00

Cadstones Wood Yard Tiles – £270.00

B&Q Tile Border – £10.00

B&Q Towel Radiator – £85.00

Amazon Radiator Valves – £29.95

Amazon hidden access panel (hide the pipes) – £106.00

Amazon Hangers x2 – £94.00

Wayfair Paint – £50.00

Little Greene drawstring – £33.00

Dowsing & Reynolds Mirror – £120.00 Bamboo Ladder Towel Rail – £30.00

Black Velvet Studio Oak Shelving and Side Panel – £125.00

Total: £2,296.45

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