CPP Genie to handle customer side of Sunwealth community solar project in New Jersey

CPP Genie Community Solar, a joint venture of Community Power Partners and genius energy, announced it has signed agreements with Sunwealth to subscribe and manage the participation of electricity customers for a community solar project administered under New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has approved 165 MW of new community solar projects in the second year of the program, all of which are slated to serve low-to-moderate income households.

“We are very excited to expand into New Jersey from our home market of New York,” said CPP Genie Managing Director Michael Mollin. “We are especially excited to be offering subscriptions exclusively to low-to-moderate income households and to continue this work on New Jersey ‘Year 2’ projects when they start to get built and interconnected.”

Pursuant to its agreement with Sunwealth, CPP Genie will acquire and manage billing reconciliation for residential subscribers for a community solar project located on the grounds of the Blue Army Shrine in Franklin Township, New Jersey. The 680-kW project was developed by Citrine Power, installed by Pfister Energy, and is owned and operated by Sunwealth.

“Genie Energy has been a leading retail supplier of ‘green’ electricity in New Jersey for over a decade, enabling tens of thousands of families and small businesses to contribute to a healthier environment with clean electricity,” said Alan Schwab, CEO of CityCom Solar , Genie Energy’s solar marketing division. “Now, we will use our clean energy marketplace expertise to bring the many advantages of clean, community solar-generated electricity to more families through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.”

Subscribers will receive credits from their local electricity supplier, Jersey Central Power & Light (JCPL), for power generated by the community solar project. The credits will be based on the project’s solar energy generation, which subscribers can purchase at a 20% discount.

“The New Jersey Community Solar pilot program provides an exciting opportunity to bring clean energy savings to low- and moderate- income households and communities across New Jersey. Community strongholds like the Blue Army Shrine provide a strong foundation for future clean energy investments in both organizations and households across the State that stand to benefit from the growth of solar energy,” said Jonathan Abe, CEO of Sunwealth.

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