Crossville recognized by Good Housekeeping

Good HousekeepingCrossville, Tenn.—Crossville, Inc.’s Porcelain Tile Panel Collection has been recognized with a Good Housekeeping 2022 Renovation Award.

“Good Housekeeping has always been a trusted resource for millions of homeowners looking to make their homes more beautiful, functional, safe and efficient,” said Lindsey Ann Waldrep, vice president of marketing, Crossville. “We’re proud to have our Porcelain Tile Panel collections recognized with a Good Housekeeping 2022 Home Renovation Award and to be included with the incredible quality of submissions.”

According to the company, the porcelain panels are huge, a single 39 x 118 panel can cover more than 32 square feet, resulting in a seamless look thanks to fewer grout lines. But the thickness, measured in mere millimeters, gives these tile panels the unique ability to be laid over existing tile or brick surfaces. This trait offers a big advantage for renovation projects as it minimizes the need for demolition and removal of the old material, reduces the labor involved, keeps costs down and reduces construction waste.

“Installing porcelain tile panels over existing tile in residential kitchens and baths offers homeowners a beautiful, modern option for home renovations that can be completed quickly due to minimized demolition and reduced construction time,” Waldrep said. “The residential applications are endless and create stunning installations from kitchen floor updates to shower walls and backsplashes to fireplace surrounds.”

Offered in two sizes for different applications, Crossville’s thicker panels are 5.6 mm and can be installed on walls and floors, while the 3 mm tile panels are intended for vertical use only. The company said this advanced design and panel durability enable the aesthetic and functional use of porcelain tile in previously impossible applications, such as tile over tile installations.

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