Curt Wahl, longtime owner CW’s plumbing in Woodland Park, to retire | Pikes Peak Courier

After 50 years in the business, Cort Wahl retires from self-employment as the owner of CW’s Plumbing in Woodland Park.

Over the years, Wahl has kept pace with plumbing upgrades from, say, digging under concrete to using an electric jackhammer. Wahl, a Woodland Park fixture, has been the go-to guy for everything from minor repairs to major construction projects like the development around the Shining Mountain Golf Course.

Wahl began his life’s work as an apprentice at a Denver plumbing company, where he stayed for 10 years. Then, to continue his research into types of work, for himself or for others, he went to a plumbing company in Colorado Springs.

The company did major construction projects where he and his team, for example, installed the plumbing for large office flats.

Wahl learned that he “didn’t like working for anyone, but rather worked for myself,” he said.

In 2000, he moved to Woodland Park and started his own business, while continuing to work on major commercial projects in addition to answering emergency calls from residents.

“Over the years I’ve probably done work for everyone in town,” he said.

While he cites having two new knees and a shoulder as a reason to retire, Wahl laments what he sees as the demise of the trade. He says not all kids need to go to college: “Kids should go to work and not sit on stupid computers. Electricians, carpenters, plumbers, every profession is dying out.”

Wahl added, “Remember, ‘plumbers protect the health of the nation,'” he said. “That’s the plumber’s motto.”

There is another reason for young people to view plumbing as a profession. “Plumbers and bars are the two businesses that can survive a recession,” he said.

Wahl is committed to doing his part to keep the trade alive by volunteering at the new trade school, Plumb Tech, in Colorado Springs.

“Trade is dying out,” he said. “That’s a mistake.”

Wahl has announced his retirement through advertisements in The Courier and through word of mouth.

Wahl was in for a surprise when one of his associates, Tom Romano, made an offer for the company last week. Romano takes over. “I’ll be in the background to help Tom,” he said.

For Wahl, full retirement came just a little further away. “Plumbing has been a good business; it’s my passion,” he said. “I was born to be a plumber; it’s such a challenging career; there are so many things you really need to know.”

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