Daltile launches new quartzite products

Dallas, Texas—As part of its Summer 2022 launch, Daltile is now offering two new natural quartzite products. The extra-large slab Caldera Blue and White Pearl products are mined in Brazil.

“In the stone category, natural quartzite remains one of stone’s hottest offerings,” said Roy Viana, director of natural stone and slab for Daltile. “Natural quartzites feature the luxurious look and feel of marble with all of the benefits of greater durability and hardness. When you talk about countertops, natural quartzite continues to be the fastest growing category in natural stone for countertops. For those seeking softer looks with more natural movements, natural quartzite is a good fit.”

Daltile’s new Brazilian quartzites

“Brazil is famous for the quartzite it mines and sends around the world,” Viana noted. “Daltile puts a tremendous amount of research and expertise into selecting the very finest stone slabs Brazil has to offer.”

quartzite productsCaldera Blue

According to Viana, blue and gray offerings in stone are trending steadily within the design community and among end-consumers. “Daltile’s Caldera Blue nicely meets this need with soft shades of blue and gray as the stone’s background, highlighted by white crystal and rusty veins that add uniqueness and majesty to this high-variation design,” he said.

Caldera Blue is available with a polished finish in ¾-inch and 1 ¼-inch thicknesses. This extra-large quartzite slab is suitable for use on countertops or walls.

quartzite productsWhite Pearl

“White Pearl features an off-white background with taupe highlights, making this quartzite a material that works well with many cabinet and floor colors,” Viana said. “The design of this natural stone includes white vein characteristics that can run vertically and horizontally, achieving a unique medium variation pattern throughout.”

White Pearl is available in both polished and leather finishes, in ¾-inch and 1 ¼-inch thicknesses. This extra-large quartzite slab is suitable for use on countertops or on walls.

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