Dhruvisha HVAC Systems lends helping hand to underprivileged working with a 16-year-old

Dhruvisha HVAC Systems Private Ltd.  and Dhruvisha Hi-Tech Solutions have expanded their services to serve humanity

Dhruvisha HVAC Systems Private Ltd. and Dhruvisha Hi-Tech Solutions have expanded their services to serve humanity

New Delhi [India]September 11 (ANI/ATK): Dhruvisha HVAC Systems Private Ltd. and Dhruvisha Hi-Tech Solutions have expanded their services to serve humanity with an initiative to uplift and enlighten those in need.

Working for the same 16-year-old Dhruhi Sheth, daughter of the company founder, has also expanded her support to uplift the tribal community. Through the company, they have done philanthropic work by supporting the Adani Vidya Mandir Covid Centre, Ahmedabad, in the month of May 2021. And they also give donations for religious and educational causes.

The company is a commercial sales and service channel partner for LG electronics India Pvt. Ltd. Since 2002, they have been involved in large and small cases of HVAC projects in teams from design, material allocation for installation and commissioning.

Speaking about her contribution, Dhruhi Sheth said, “I want to have a positive impact in the world as I am not yet satisfied with my part in helping others. In the future, I envision pursuing Computer Science and helping people with computers I am very passionate about helping others and want to inspire others to do the same and will continue to do so I believe in helping everyone around me to make their lives better An act of kindness in any form brings utter happiness and encourages me to work harder for others and be useful too.”

The main advantage of the Tribal Mart established by the young mind is that it solves the travel problems for buying basic needs and needs. The tribal mart project will be the first initiative for Atmanirbhar (self-dependent) Tribal by Dhruhi Sheth. This initiative is an idealistic example of Goal 11: building sustainable cities and communities. Most importantly, it is a cost-effective and financially viable model. This initiative initiates the development of rural towns.

With a vision to make a mark in society, she continuously works towards that. And joins hands with more people to create a buzz with her work around the world.

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