DIY SOS ‘in desperate need’ of joiners and plumbers to urgently complete Hull project

DIY SOS has made an urgent appeal to joiners and plumbers in Hull.

The TV show said they are “in desperate need” and need as many carpenters and two additional plumbers as possible for a special project in Orchard Park.

The Hull project will be featured as a special Children in Need edition of the hit BBC programme.

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As part of this year’s Big Build, an empty field in Orchard Park is being transformed into a children’s adventure playground.

Comedian Rhod Gilbert steps into Nick Knowles’ shoes as presenter.

Rhod said the first day of the project was “chaos” and “unlike any other DIY SOS segment we’ve seen in the past”.

Mark Millar, Chris Freidiani, Jules Perryman and Billy Byrne, alongside playground engineer John O’Driscoll, join the Welsh comedian on the Hull programme’s team.

Nick Knowles doesn’t show up because of his appearance in a Shreddies cereal commercial.

“I like to say I stepped into his huge steel-topped shoes,” Rhod said of temporarily replacing Nick Knowles as the show’s host.

“I’m sure everyone will miss him [Nick], but he comes back. I was just honored to be asked to be a part of such an iconic show.”

DIY SOS team hard at work to build a children's adventure playground in Orchard Park
DIY SOS team hard at work to build a children’s adventure playground in Orchard Park

With the help of trade volunteers, the DIY SOS team is turning a two-and-a-half-acre field into a purpose-built “adventure campsite” for Hull’s charity, St Michael’s Youth Project.

“I love it,” Rhod said in an interview with Hull Live last week.

“It’s similar to the work experience series I did.

“Life is difficult right now, but this brings people together.

“I think the best moment is when we see the look on the faces of the workers of St. Michael at the end.”

“St Michael’s has been operating in the area for years and this project will give the people of Hull independence.

“The problem is people have to travel for miles, so the goal is to bring these kinds of spaces closer to home for people in Hull.

“We’re going to turn the camp into a facility with a pizza oven, mountain bike trail, birdwatcher and more. It’s meant to bring people together.”

The site for the DIY SOS build before construction started
The site for the DIY SOS build before construction started

Please email [email protected] to donate material or volunteer.

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