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Dominion Energy has her Small Business Energy Solutions Program, which provides financial incentives for energy efficiency improvements, to cover heating and cooling systems.

Since 2014, the program has been providing tailored recommendations to participants focused on lighting and cooling upgrades. The expansion extends potential benefits with advanced tuning of heating and cooling systems, smart thermostats, duct sealing and HVAC controls.

The financial incentives will cover 90%, or up to $6,000, of the cost of improvements, according to a Dominion press release. Program benefits also include on-site energy analysis of lighting, refrigeration and HVAC systems and local, pre-qualified contractors to perform the upgrade work and dispose of and dispose of old fluorescent lamps and ballasts in an environmentally sound manner.

“We are always looking for cost-effective ways for our customers to improve their energy use and lower their bills,” said program manager Annika Goodson in the release. “We work directly with each customer to identify energy savings opportunities. Since a customer’s heating and air-conditioning units can account for a significant portion of their energy consumption each month, improvements to the HVAC system will be a major benefit to our small business. businesses and non-profit customers.”

The program is available to small businesses and nonprofit Dominion Energy South Carolina customers with five or fewer electrical service accounts and an annual energy consumption of 350,000 kilowatt hours or less.

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