Duracell enters residential energy storage market with 14-kWh LFP batteries

Renowned alkaline battery maker Duracell is launching a residential energy storage solution through California-based distributor Power Center+. power center also distributes the Eguana line of energy storage systems.

The Duracell Power Center product line will consist of 5 kW and 10 kW inverter outputs with lithium iron phosphate batteries, expandable from 14 kWh to 84 kWh. The Power Center’s AC coupling configuration allows new and existing residential solar owners to store excess solar energy for evening use, maximizing their solar investment while increasing energy security and independence, all without additional hardware. In addition, Power Center offers the flexibility of remote software upgrades to meet ever-changing power regulation standards.

“Dracell sees tremendous opportunities to create effective green energy management solutions for the home. Ultimately, consumers will be able to manage, store and control all aspects of electricity in their home. The Duracell brand carries with it a history of quality and reliability that consumers have trusted for decades,” said Roberto Mendez, president of Duracell North America. “We are proud to be working with our licensing partner to bring this important offering to market.”

“Our Home Energy Storage solutions provide the gateway for expansion into a full product ecosystem as we move towards full residential energy management. We are very excited to be at the forefront of technology development and implementation,” said Aakar Patel, President of Power Center+.

The Power Center supports self-consumption of solar energy that is connected to the grid, the shifting time of use (TOU) and provides backup power for the home. These systems are now available in North America and the Caribbean markets, with certification standards corresponding to UL 1741, UL 9540, California’s Rule 21 and Hawaii’s Rule 14H.

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