Ecore launches first vinyl sports floor

Sports floorsLancaster, Pa.—The latest high-performance flooring products from Ecore are designed to raise the game of today’s modern sports facilities and health & wellness spaces from the courts and workout areas to the locker rooms, according to the company. Developed per ASTM F2772 Class I and Class II certification guidelines for indoor sports floor systems, Ecore said it has engineered a comprehensive and cohesive line-up of five unique surface options—Baller Motivate Class I, Baller Rally Class II and Balanced, Restorative and Serenity Motivate Class I. The company also said its new flooring line offers sports and wellness facilities an ideal combination of performance, functionality and safety features for applications from intense sports court activities and rehab rooms to cardio and yoga.

“Our new Class I and Class II flooring products were created with today’s multipurpose fitness, senior living, sports medicine and health and wellness facilities in mind and provide architects, designers and facility owners with a full range of surface solutions for any athletic or fitness space said Bo Barber, director of sales and marketing, Ecore. “These new products feature combinations of force reduction and energy restitution per ASTM F2772 standards to deliver tailored performance in a variety of sports, health and wellness applications.”

Industry’s first vinyl sports court surfaces with high-performance rubber backing

Developed for athletic courts and multipurpose areas, Baller Motivate Class I provides exceptional commercial-grade durability and realistic wood/court visuals, according to the company. The performance flooring product features a 2mm vinyl surface layer factory fusion bonded through its TRU technology to a 5mm vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) base layer. The company also said Baller Motivate Class I is quiet underfoot, easy to maintain and offers consistent playability. The floor is resistant to static and rolling loads and is ergonomic with an absorption of impact energy (force reduction) of 28.3% for ASTM F2772 Class I requirements.

Baller Rally Class II features a 2mm vinyl surface layer factory fusion bonded through its TRU technology to a 12mm Class II VCR base layer. Class II refers to a force reduction of between 22% and 33% per the ASTM F2772 sports floor standard. The product is ideal for multi-purpose sports/courts, cardio, group exercise, dance/yoga, therapy/rehab, labs and childcare/playzones, according to the company.

“These Baller options are significant as they represent the first and only vinyl sports court products made with high-performance rubber backing available on the market today,” Barber said. “Both Baller Motivate Class I and Baller Rally Class II feature a clear reinforced wear layer and wood colors designed to replace traditional wood court visuals that can be combined with the Baller solid colors to create court accents and borders.”

Sophistication, safety and sound absorption for wellness spaces

The Balanced, Restorative and Serenity Class I health and wellbeing vinyl high-performance flooring products feature a 2mm sheet vinyl surface layer fusion bonded to a 5mm base layer. This flooring offers sophisticated visuals that are intended for fitness, health and wellbeing applications and provide exceptional safety, ergonomic and acoustic performance., according to the company. Applications include cardio, group fitness, locker rooms/restrooms, common areas, sports medicine/rehab, retail, offices and more.

ASTM F2772 measures four key factors to certify and classify flooring safety and suitability for indoor sports activities. These factors include: force reduction, surface finish effect (also called “friction”), ball rebound and vertical deformation. Each parameter provides valuable information for selecting a sports/recreational flooring system.

“From young athletes playing hoops to seniors looking to stay active to the tireless health and wellness professionals keeping them in the game, ‘athletes’ of all shapes, sizes and ages are more active than ever,” Barber said. “ With Ecore’s patented its TRU Technology, this suite of high-performance sheet vinyl is much more than a floor covering but body supporting flooring, offering exceptional acoustic, ergonomic, and safety characteristics.”

Available in a variety of surface colors and patterns, the Ecore Class I and Class II products also feature sound and shock absorption and are fade resistant, easy to clean and slip resistant wet or dry, according to the company.

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