EF Contract releases Spectral Drift

Spectral DriftDalton—As part of its 2022 fall introductions, EF Contract has debuted Spectral Drift. Inspired by the brilliance of fractured light, Spectral Drift is designed to provoke a second glance. Proprietary yarn styling is said to enable the pattern to shift as hues gently intermingle, creating a change in perception from different vantage points. The incorporation of metallic fibers adds depth to the design and creates a unique mottled effect background.

“EF Contract is thrilled to announce the introduction of Spectral Drift, the stunning carpet tile which is inspired by abstract patterning, rich textures and programs around the use of color,” said Susan Curtis, director of product design & development. “This collection is so unique, in that the visual experience changes as your position changes within the space.”

Available as an 18 x 36 modular tile, Spectral Drift offers a palette of 12 colors that includes blended neutral tones and carefully curated colors, which allows a designer to create subtle effects or add vibrancy where desired. The 12 colorways available for Spectral Drift are: Ash, Amber, Sienna, Dolomite, Patina, Viridian, Smoke, Azure, Indigo, Ebony, Flame and Crimson.

Spectral Drift features the Nexus Modular backing, which can be installed in a variety of ways and is performance engineered to be visually appealing. In addition, it is designed to accommodate long-term flooring budgets. On the sustainability front, the backing contains pre-consumer recycled content, contributes to LEED and is also recyclable through EF Contract’s R4 Carpet Reclamation Program.

Spectral Drift is suitable for the middle of the market projects in terms of price point. Its versatility and grounded design make it applicable across many commercial environments—including corporate, education, senior living, retail and more. EF Contract’s flooring coordinate across all product platforms—modular carpet tile, broadloom, LVT and Kinetex textile composite flooring. The new offering enables users to blend a range of designs to create palettes that meet the demands of each unique space.

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