Energy Toolbase adds Enel X to storage modeling capabilities

Energy Toolbase has announced the launch of a platform integration with Enel X North America, giving project developers the ability to run storage shipping simulations and savings analysis on the ETB Developer platform that are representative of how Enel X storage solutions are controlled and managed by its advanced Distributed Energy Resource Optimization Software (DER.OS), will be active in the field. This integration further streamlines the project development process for commercial property developers to model, analyze and deploy Enel X controlled storage systems in the field.

“With energy storage offerings with ever-expanding value capture capabilities, we are excited to partner with a widely respected market leader in Enel X,” said Scott D’Ambrosio, VP of sales at Energy Toolbase. “This integration provides developers with a simplified workflow to model and deploy Enel X storage solutions that maximize end-customer benefits.”

The ETB Developer software platform provides accurate utility cost calculations, energy savings and project economics in a transparent and objective manner. ETB Developer is unique in that it utilizes an in-house utility rate team to ensure accurate and responsible energy costs and savings forecasts for both solar and energy storage projects. Energy Toolbase and Enel X will: co-host a webinar on Wednesday, November 17 to provide an overview of the functionality of their newly launched integration and to provide best practices to bring storage projects to a successful conclusion.

News item from EnergyToolbase

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