Energy Toolbase now integrates financing on solar + storage modeling platform

Energy Toolbase is announcing the launch of a new financial integrations feature on the ETB Developer platform, which enables users to generate instantaneous financing quotes from third-party financial providers. This release and functionality will streamline the iterative process of generating financing quotes, allowing project developers to more efficiently model and close solar + storage projects.

“We’re focused on releasing new features that make the modeling process more intuitive and efficient for ETB Developer users,” said Brooke Morales, product manager of ETB Developer at Energy Toolbase. “We’re confident that enabling instant quoting all within one platform will enable more projects to be quickly quoted and ultimately closed.”

For eight years, ETB Developer users have been able to configure and model any type of project financing solution, including a cash purchase, PPA (power purchase agreement), loan or lease. This new release eliminates the need to move across multiple applications to generate a full financial model proforma, which incorporates both project finance specifications with avoided cost and other project cash flows. This expedites the process and allows developers to optimize financing with the other parameters of their project.

Green Bridge Energy Integration

Green Bridge Energy is the first financing partner integration launching onto the platform. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Green Bridge specializes in providing clean energy financing solutions, including PPAs and operating leases to the non-residential sector. Typical counterparties that Green Bridge serves include MUSH markets (Municipal and State governments, Universities and Colleges, K-12 schools and Hospitals), non-profits such as churches and C&I customers such as office, retail, industrial and warehouse-type facilities. ETB users can utilize the integration to generate Green Bridge initial indicative quotes in all 50 states.

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Energy Toolbase and bringing sophisticated capital to the clean infrastructure market and ETB Developer users,” said Byrne Huddleston, CEO of Green Bridge Corporation. “Providing streamlined access to institutional capital for solar, energy storage, and EV charging projects will allow developers to grow their businesses and drive more margin from their deals.”

Energy Toolbase and Green Bridge will be hosting a webinar that will overview the new financial integrations feature on Wednesday, May 11, at 2 pm EST. click here to register for the free webinar. Energy Toolbase will be announcing other financing integrations launching onto the ETB Developer platform in the coming months.

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