Energy Toolbase releases solar + storage monitoring platform

Energy Toolbase has announced the launch of: ETB monitor, a software monitoring platform that provides real-time insight into the performance and savings of solar and energy storage (ESS) systems operating in the field. ETB Monitor is designed to give project developers and asset owners full transparency in their operational projects. An ETB Monitor license comes standard when a customer deploys Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS control software in the field.

Energy Toolbase’s “Model, Control, Monitor” product family provides a cohesive suite of software tools for project developers to deploy solar and storage projects more efficiently. Since 2014, the ETB Developer product specializes in performing accurate, objective and transparent utility rates and avoided cost analysis of solar and storage projects. That software platform is widely regarded as the gold standard “pre-installation” sales and analytics tool for commercial and industrial (C&I) developers within the industry. ETB Monitor leverages the company’s deep domain expertise in utility tariffs and optimized economic shipping modeling of ESS in a ‘post-install’ world.

“ETB Monitor provides customers with a trusted source of truth about how their solar + storage system is performing financially,” said John Gurski, Founder and VP of Product at Energy Toolbase. “We’ve had customer requests to build this for years, so we’re excited to formally launch this first release, which we’ll be continually improving in the future.”

The recently launched version of ETB Monitor features several features and user interfaces, including an interactive map tool that displays a site’s interval data, including site demand, solar PV generation, ESS transmission and state of charge (SOC) . The Energy Bill Savings module provides a detailed overview of the solar and storage savings during each billing cycle. In addition, users can view event site logs and configure custom alerts and notifications for different types of events. Finally, authorized users can schedule manual override events through ETB Monitor, to charge or discharge the ESS over a specified period of time. Watch a short demo video of ETB Monitor here.

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