EnergyLink begins 46-building solar portfolio for North Carolina’s Buncombe County

The EnergyLink construction crew begins construction of a massive 6.8 MW solar facility in a number of public buildings in Buncombe County.

The EnergyLink construction team broke ground this week with a two-year large-scale solar energy portfolio. This municipal project will review energy consumption for Buncombe County and the City of Asheville, equipping 46 of the public agency’s buildings with solar power.

In line with the company’s custom design-build-fund capabilities, one of EnergyLink’s construction teams will carry out the work. EnergyLink’s operations manager, Andrew Halpern, says: “This team will strengthen in the coming weeks to deliver a consistent, high-quality product over a long two-year project.”

The timing of this project aligns with the Biden administration’s desire to “upgrade 4 million buildings” to achieve “a just clean energy future” by 2050. The county’s choice to install solar will be a huge step closer to energy independence and enable on-site clean, renewable energy generation. Buncombe can also expect its carbon footprint to be reduced in the coming years as it benefits from the addition of 6.8 MW of solar power.

“As a company, we are focused on executing projects that extend our reach within the industry. We have a proven track record with commercial and industrial projects and now is the time to support municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals in achieving their sustainability goals,” said Chris Ihler, CEO of EnergyLink.

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