Enphase products will soon integrate with Home Connect platform to optimize renewable energy

Enphase Energy announced a new agreement with Home Connect, an open digital platform that allows home appliances of various brands to be managed with a single app. Home Connect is available for nine well-known home appliance brands including Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Neff and Thermador. As part of the agreement, Enphase will integrate its home energy systems with the Home Connect platform, offering a smart, clean, and highly efficient way to power Home Connect enabled home appliances.

The vision is for Enphase and Home Connect to allow customers to easily configure Home Connect enabled home appliances to run during times of peak solar energy production, off-peak energy times or when energy prices are lowest. Additionally, consumers would be able to set up the system to run appliances on solar energy saved in home batteries during pre-set time frames. By simply linking a Home Connect account, users could seamlessly use the Enphase App to manage their Home Connect enabled appliances for optimal efficiency.

Enphase and Home Connect plan to offer the following capabilities:

  • Customize preferred dishwasher or laundry settings
  • Customize appliance schedules to run based on time-of-day, electricity tariffs or during peak solar production times
  • Program appliances to run once on any given day or repeat over several days

“Thanks to the cooperation with Enphase, the Home Connect enabled dishwasher, washer, dryer and washer dryer combination will have the ability to be started automatically at the most economic time and maximize the use of clean energy,” said Stefanie Lipps, managing director at Home Connect. “This makes the households of our users more sustainable.”

The new functionality will be available on the Enphase App in the United States and Germany starting with the integration of Home Connect enabled dishwashers. To start, users will be able to optimize their dishwashers around time-of-day energy savings. New features and more appliances will be rolled out with the platform to more countries in the coming year.

“We’re pleased to partner with home appliance brands like Bosch around a shared vision to create a more sustainable future for everyone,” said Gokul Krishnan, VP of business development at Enphase Energy. “Consumers today are more motivated than ever to make sustainable lifestyle decisions and take control of their energy use. With a few taps on the Enphase App, households will be able to save money, run on energy from the sun, and enjoy greater convenience in their daily lives.”

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