EV dealership goes greener with dual-axis solar tracker project

A car dealership in Southern Oregon selling and leasing electric vehicles will soon be powered by photovoltaic solar. TC Chevy has been in business since 1985, and recently chose Stracker Solar to install dual axis solar trackers in the car lot.

Credit: Stracker Solar

“We believe in cutting-edge technology,” said Derek DeBoer, third-generation owner and operator of TC Chevy. “Our cars and trucks feature the latest designs and manufacturing practices, and we wanted a solar power system that does the same.”

Each of the five dual-axis solar trackers will carry 28 LONGi 445-W bifacial solar panels atop its 20 ft pole. They will sport high-power LED display lighting for the illumination of the display lot. The complete five-Stracker system will produce 140,000 kWh of solar power per year.

“We are very aware of the local sentiment towards clean energy and sustainability,” DeBoer said. “We thought it was time that an auto dealership goes beyond just selling electric vehicles and takes the lead in implementing clean energy measures.”

Site work is starting on the premises in early August, with trenching and laying conduit for the solar trackers. The installation of the Strackers is planned for late August.

“We are delighted to finally proceed with this project after unprecedented Pacific Power and supply chain delays,” said Jeff Sharpe, founder and CEO of Stracker Solar “And how fun to have a new flock of Strackers at the dealership that sells the most electric cars in Southern Oregon!”

News item from Stracker Solar

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