Exclusive: Bella Flooring Group to lower pricing

Bella Flooring at Surfaces 2022.

Dalton—In an unprecedented move for the flooring industry in 2022, Bella Flooring Group, a supplier of resilient flooring, said it is decreasing pricing at an average of 6% across the board for its SPC and LVT products. The price decrease goes into effect today, June 27.

“Our company is up 50% from last year and we tie that back to rebuilding our partnerships and doing the right thing,” Paul Dominie, president, Bella Flooring Group, told FCNews. “Our belief in doing the right thing is deeper now than ever before and we’ve seen the results of that. Our motto is supporting our partners 100%, not just when it’s good for us.”

Dominie said shipping costs have been drastically reduced over the past three weeks, and it was the company’s responsibility to pass that savings onto its customers. “If you look at the costs of any product that is imported—SPC, LVT—50% of that cost is the shipping. If that goes down 30%-50% there’s a significant cost savings there. That savings, by nature of good partnerships, should be passed on, just like when it went up.”

Dominie noted that after the price adjustment the average cost of a Bella Flooring SPC/LVT is in the $2 range. “For us, it’s just an adjustment back to where it should be,” he said. “Before we launched our Made in USA line, 99% of our products were from overseas and when we see a significant cost reduction we’ll pass that on. Running an effective company means you ebb and flow based on your costs. We believe it’s a way to support our partners, especially in a time when they’re seeing a slowdown.”

Customers can use their current price list, minus their respective drop across the board or contact the company for new pricing. Dominie said the company’s sales team is currently in the field working with its partners to help implement the new price reduction.

In an email to its partners, Bella Flooring announced the reduction today:

“We continue to manufacture and provide access to products that hold the same or higher quality than our competitors. After extensive consideration, we just don’t see a need to increase pricing with the rest of the players during this market shift. Over the past three years, we’ve worked tirelessly to structure our operation to run as efficiently as possible. We can’t predict disruptions in the market, but we can build a team that provides the same quality product at a lower price than the rest of the big dogs in the fight.

“For the majority of our major pricing decisions, we’ve hit the nail right on the head. With our track record, we plan to continue making waves in the market by offering our products at a market value that keeps the success of our partners in mind. Please reach out to your rep, agent or our customer service team with any questions about our products and pricing. Our team is here to make it easy for you. Let us know how we can serve your next request!”

(For more on this story, see the July 4/11 print edition of FCNews

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