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FCIF CampaignDalton—The Floor Covering Industry Foundation (FCIF) launched a new campaign, “This is My Story,” to raise awareness of the FCIF and highlight how the organization makes a difference by providing financial assistance to flooring families battling life-altering illnesses, injuries and disabilities. The campaign includes 39 stories that illustrate the life-changing impact of FCIF.

“If not for FCIF, I honestly don’t know what we would have done,” said Tammy, whose daughter Megan received a heart transplant at 11 months old and has ongoing medical conditions. “There are no words to thank them for what they have done for us. I pray God just blesses them a hundredfold for what they do for other people.”

After a car accident, Jeffrey, a quadriplegic who is wheelchair-bound, is dependent on his aging parents for care. According to Jeffrey, receiving the grant from the foundation has changed his life as well as his parents’ lives.

“The grant funding relieved a huge amount of stress and it brought me to life again,” said Sandra, diagnosed with liver cancer and unable to work and pay her bills. “Thank you so very much FCIF for helping me live.”

According to Emily Morrow, an FCIF board member FCIF can be a lifeline by helping with the unforeseen expenses that aren’t covered and can be financially debilitating.

“I’ve always admired and respected FCIF and its mission,” said Max Holland, FCIF board member. “There are very few industries that have a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to workers who have been critically injured or have suffered some other hardship.”

Highlighting real stories, this campaign showcases FCIF’s impact on the floor covering industry, from grant recipients and their loved ones to FCIF board and staff members.

“We are proud to share the tremendous contributions that FCIF makes in people’s lives,” said Andrea Blackbourn, executive director of FCIF. “Sharing stories not only raises awareness that there is help when tragedy strikes, but demonstrates that flooring employees and their families who are experiencing medical obstacles can find hope and comfort through the passion and generous support across the industry. FCIF is here to support them and provide life-changing financial assistance.”

For more than 41 years, FCIF has been a lifeline to the millions of people working in the floor covering industry, providing financial assistance to those battling life-altering conditions, according to the foundation.

FCIF’s board is large and diverse, with 33 members representing manufacturers, distributors, retailers, trade shows and media. “Each member of our board brings a sincere dedication to our life-changing mission and I’m so grateful for their willingness to give their time and expertise. Harnessing the collective power of the floor covering community is crucial to disseminating information to those who need help,” Blackbourn said.

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