FERC to explore options on updates to transmission and interconnection rules

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has a Advanced notification of proposed regulations Inviting the public to comment on potential reforms to improve transmission planning and cost allocation and generator interconnection processes as the country moves towards a cleaner energy future.

“As the manufacturing fleet shifts at an unprecedented rate from resources closer to population centers to resources far from load centers, we need to evaluate whether our transmission planning and cost allocation and generator interconnection processes require a more innovative and anticipatory approach,” FERC President said Rich Glick . “A piecemeal approach to expanding the transmission system will not get the job done. We need to take steps today to build the transmission that the new generation of resources of tomorrow will need.”

The Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, “Building for the Future Through Electric Regional Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation and Generator Interconnection,” acknowledges that the changing mix of resources will place new demands on transmission system expansion and questions whether the existing approach to transmission planning, cost allocation and interconnection is in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Power Act. It wants to comment on a more forward-looking approach to how we build and allocate the cost of transmission infrastructure in this country.

“Today’s action is a critical first step to ensure FERC thinks innovatively and truly anticipates transmission that will meet the needs of the new generation as our country continues to aggressively transition into a clean energy future,” said Chairman Glick. . “This is the Commission’s first attempt at major transmission reform in a decade and I look forward to moving forward as quickly as possible with these talks.”

The Commission is seeking public comment on potential reforms in three specific areas: reforms for regional transmission planning and longer-term cost allocation processes that take into account expected future generation, rethinking cost responsibility for regional transmission facilities and interconnection-related network upgrades, and improved transmission oversight on how new transmission facilities are identified and paid for.

Gizelle Wray, director of regulatory affairs and advisor to SEIA, noted: “FERC’s advanced notification of proposed regulations today on transmission, cost allocation and interconnection is an encouraging start and could help us overcome the utility-imposed market challenges that are driving clean energy development. hindered the United States.

“We need to rapidly ramp up the deployment of solar and storage to address climate change and generate new economic opportunities, but current interconnection rules allow utilities to put clean energy projects aside and leave them in the interconnection queue for years. cannot have projects in a perpetual waiting room if we have to deploy hundreds of gigawatts of clean energy over the next 10 years,” she continued.

Notes, identified by Docket No. RM21-17, must be filed in the Federal Register 75 days after publication. Responses are expected 105 days after publication in the Federal Register.

News item from FERC

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