Final Fantasy X’s Tidus Started Out as a Plumber

A new interview with Final Fantasy X screenwriter Kazushige Nojima has revealed that Tidus was originally going to be a plumber.

As reported by silicone, this interview is out famitsu and features commentary from many key Final Fantasy X contributors, including Tetsuya Nomura, Motomu Toriyama, and Yoshinori Kitase, but Nojima’s words are the ones that reveal that Tidus and Mario may have a lot more in common than previously thought.

He started by saying that a trip to Okinawa was one of the real inspirations for Spira – the world where FFX and FFX-2 take place – and continued to say that the original concept for Tidus would be a plumber, because this “served as a reason to get characters in and under water.”

This was clearly dropped, and instead Tidus became an athlete to “set him apart from other Final Fantasy protagonists.” However, the water theme was still very much alive, as Tidus was a star Blitzball player and that fictional sport takes place entirely underwater.

Nomura also revealed that the overalls Tidus wears were actually part of the original design when he was still destined to become a plumber, but his appearance was also modified to reflect his status as an athlete.

Elsewhere in the interview, we discover that Auron was a silent character at one point, but this was changed after being cemented throughout the story as Yuna and Tidus’ “Guardian”. Auron’s age also changed dramatically with development, which is common in character development, and Nojima thought that Jecht’s writing style might have been different had he been a father twenty years ago.

Finally, Nojiima confirmed that he read cryptography books during the development of FFX, which inspired the Al Bhed language common in the game. He also said that the version of the language that made it into the game was much simpler than he imagined.

This news follows Toriyama and Nomura sharing that Nojima has written a synopsis for a potential Final Fantasy X-3, although “it’s asleep right now.” Toriyama himself said that “the odds are not zero,” but that “we’re not at a stage where we can talk about it unless we’re done producing FF7 Remake.”

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