Firefighter taken to hospital after fire breaks out at plumbing workshop in Geylang Bahru

Thursday morning (October 7) a fire broke out at a plumbing workshop in a two-storey industrial building in Geylang Bahru.

pestle Marco Stomp warned of the incident and shared a video he made of Singapore Civil Defense Force officers on the scene.

The SCDF said in a statement on its Facebook page that it was warned of the fire at 2:35 am.

“When SCDF arrived, the fire was well out in two units on the ground floor of a two-storey industrial building,” the statement said.

“Firefighters immediately deployed jets of water around the exterior of the property to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading.

[Fire @ No. 86 Geylang Bahru] Earlier today at approximately 2:35 am SCDF was alerted to a fire at the above location….

Posted by Singapore Civil Defense Force On Wednesday, October 6, 2021

“At the same time, there was a forcible entry to gain quick access to the burning units.

“Once the fire was under control, firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went deep into the smoke chamber to locate the source of the fire.

“Firefighters had to be extremely careful because the mezzanine on the second floor had already collapsed.”

The fire was extinguished by SCDF in about two hours.

Adjacent units suffered heat and smoke damage.

A total of 17 emergency services and about 60 firefighters were deployed in the incident.

“At the height of the extinguishing operation, four water jets and an Unmanned Firefighting Machine (UFM) were deployed,” SCDF said.

“A combined platform ladder (CPL) was also used for aerial monitoring of the incident.”

A firefighter, who is a full-time domestic worker (NSF), was taken to hospital after inhaling light smoke. He has since been released from Singapore General Hospital.

No other injuries were reported.

SCDF said it is conducting damping operations to prevent the fires from rekindling hot burnt surfaces.

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