Fly loft roof at Ionia Theatre to be replaced

IONIA — The city of Ionia continues to upgrade its iconic downtown theater.

The Ionia City Council voted at its Tuesday, Oct. 5 meeting to grant an offer from Arrow Roofing to replace the roof of the Ionia Theater flying loft for $50,933.

Ionia City Manager Precia Garland said the council recently made an offer to replace the base of the racing loft at the Ionia Theater, 205 W. Main St., in downtown Ionia. All bidders were required to provide a minimum of 20 years of warranty, Garland said.

The city received the following three bids:

  • Wyoming Arrow Roofing: $48,448 + $2,485 Post-Bid Addendum = $50,933
  • Great Lakes Systems from Jenison: $68,111
  • Hudsonville Langerak Roofing Systems: $64,760

During the review process, Garland said Arrow Roofing and project engineer Fishbeck “established a method to comply with the code while also improving insulation and slope.” An addendum to the Arrow Roofing bid has been made, Garland said.

“They have suggestions for us on how we can improve that roof system and the insulation factor,” Garland said. “We like their idea.”

Ionia Mayor Dan Balice said he was at the theater once after a heavy rainstorm and noticed that the floor was covered with water. Then Balice learned that the roof was “in trouble,” he said.

“The proposed change seems like a very good idea,” Balice said.

The Ionia Theater was built in 1931 and offers movies and events to the community. The municipality made an offer in July to repaint the iconic sign.

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