Ford Bronco Owners Report Quality Issues With Hardtop Roofs

Among Ford’s many production problems this year, the new Bronco has had its fair share of problems. Now, some owner reports are concerned about faulty hardtops.

Several threads on the Bronco6G forum have outlined issues related to the Bronco’s hardtop, with: an owner who posts photos from scratches on their roof and edges that seem to split.

Another owner posted photos of a hardtop with a honeycomb structure visible through the outer layer. Forum members stated that the roof’s grid structure was visible under a thin layer of laminate, making it appear as if it had suddenly become obsolete. However, the owner says they waxed the roof shortly before the honeycomb appeared.

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A third message, meanwhile, shows photos of several two-door Broncos outside a factory with “Bad Roof” written on them.

The root of these issues is not yet known, but a Ford spokesperson told us that “we carry out quality checks before delivery. We want to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products.”

He added that if there are any issues with customers, Ford is happy to work with them and their local dealer to resolve them.

Reports from earlier this month highlighted issues with Ford’s supplier Webasto. The German company, whose tools were all located in areas hard hit by the pandemic, struggled to keep up with demand for the Bronco.

A Ford spokesperson said at the time that Ford was working with Webasto to potentially open a second facility in Metro Detroit to meet demand, but the company was also forced to send some hardtop Broncos to customers with a soft top and a “hardtop.” preparation package,” per Road & Rail.

The delivery issues also meant that Ford announced in March that the optional body-colour hardtop would not be available for the 2021 Bronco. Instead, all models would have either the soft-top or the gray “molded-in-color” (MIC) top.

The issue is especially relevant for two-door owners, as the model is not available with the soft top. However, the Ford spokesperson told us that the company will continue to supply both two- and four-door Broncos with hardtops and that while demand for Bronco exceeds supply, Ford continues to work to bring as many high-quality roofs to the market as possible. possible.

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