Ford recalls Mustang Mach-E over windshields, glass roofs popping out

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Ford is recalling more than 3,000 new Mustang Mach-E EVs in Canada, mainly because of their windshields or panoramic glass roof panels that fall into place.

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The windshield defect applies to 3,178 electric SUVs from model year 2021. an incorrectly attached windshield can pop out in a crash, says Transport Canada.

Ford will notify owners so they can have their windshield removed and reinstalled if their vehicle is affected.

The second campaign will include 1,812 Mach-Es from model year 2021. On some of these affected vehicles,”the panoramic roof glass panel may not be attached properlysays Transport Canada; over time, it could make its way and fly away.

Ford plans to notify affected owners to bring their Mustang Mach-Es to the dealer so more adhesive can be applied.

Both recalls only affect vehicles in the Canadian market for now, although all Mach-Es are built at the same factory in Mexico. It remains to be seen whether the recall will be extended to the US

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In an interview in December 2020 with AutoblogDarren Palmer, a member of the Mustang Mach-E development team, has done some subtle digging at rival Tesla, who has also experienced issues with flying glass roof panels.

He told the magazine that on the Mustang Mach-E, “the doors fit well, the colors of plastic and other materials match, the bumpers don’t fall off, the roof doesn’t come off when you wash it, the door handles don’t get stuck. sitting in cold weather,” listing a list of reported Tesla issues without explicitly mentioning the company.

Reports of rooftops flying off Tesla Model X electric SUVs date back to at least October 2020, shortly before the automaker launched several recalls to resolve quality control issues.

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