Georgetown Beard Club Works With Community to Help Local Family

The Georgetown Beard Club works with the community to help a local family in need.

“There is a local couple, Bill and Lillian Black, who have devoted their lives to helping others in need,” the organization wrote. “Over the years, the couple, who are in their late 70s and have health problems of their own, have adopted eight children with disabilities. Three of their adopted sons, now in their thirties, still live with them and one is wheelchair-bound.”

Rob Kiddie, president of the Georgetown Beard Club, told Hello Georgetown that this entire effort was made possible thanks to the work of Chris and Emily Hamilton.

“We talked about how we could help and because we make music and have a lot of community connections, we were able to play and do a fundraiser,” Emily Hamilton told Hello Georgetown. “We raised about $4k that weekend and went out to surprise them. We thought we were fixing their plumbing and a hole in the roof. We didn’t know how much more they needed.”

Frozen and broken pipes have left the family without running water since the February storm, relying on their source to provide them with access to clean water.

In addition, the Black family roof has a hole in it that prevents one of their sons from sleeping in his room. Add to this the leaks that cause extensive water damage to the interior of the house, and many non-functioning plumbing fixtures.

The Black Family Georgetown Beard Club Home Repair

The demolition phase of the housing renovation is in full swing | Image Courtesy: Emily Hamilton

“The more we knew we had to make up for them again,” said Hamilton. “We are amazed at the connections and assistance we have received. Also with all the people we have met who have been touched by them over the years. They deserve it very much. Lil told me one day that we really didn’t have to do all this and that it wasn’t our job. I told her that God had decided it was so. We are still looking at it day by day and item by item, but we are determined to make it happen and will not stop until we do.”

The original goal was to fix the broken pipes, fix the roof and cut down the trees to give the family access to the indoor plumbing and their fireplace. Now the project has expanded to renovate the house to make it livable again, including new siding, a new window and all-new drywall.

So far, Kiddie said, the organization has raised about $40,000 and the demolition phase of the refurbishment project is now underway, but fundraising is still ongoing and needed.

To donate go to the Georgetown Beard Club website and click the “Lend a Hand” button, or send a donation via Venmo to @Georgetown-Beard-Club. You can also mail a check to:

Georgetown Beard Club
Attn: lend a hand
PO Box 2772
Georgetown, Texas

For more information about the project and its progress, Click here.

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