Georgia roofer Northpoint Roofing Systems launches solar branch

Woodstock, Georgia based Northpoint Roofing Systems has helped guide over 18,000 homeowners to a protected roof using innovative technology and quality craftsmanship. Now, the company is launching a new solar division for both residential and commercial customers.

Northpoint is offering well-designed and engineered solar electricity with little maintenance, while also providing a broad education on options that are not only dependable but lead the way to a better future.

Northpoint recognizes that this solar division makes sense for their customers for many reasons.

“We know roofs. Every solar installer will ask you about the age of your roof because it is critical to solar installation. Speak to one of our customers, and they will rave about our roofs. We can now offer our customers a complete roofing system that adds more value to their property and saves them money while caring about the next generation,” said Keith Priddy, president and co-founder of Northpoint Roofing.

News item from Northpoint Roofing Systems

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