Gordley resigns from Peebles Council after 19 years

After looking at her plaque for a moment, Gordley holds it up for a photo.  (Photo by Ashley McCarty)

After looking at her plaque for a moment, Gordley holds it up for a photo. (Photo by Ashley McCarty)

By Ashley McCarty

People’s Defender

The Peebles council met on September 7 to discuss official business and accept a resignation from long-standing councilor Eugenia Gordley.

A motion by Councilman Norman Newman to approve the July mayor and police report was seconded by Councilman Charles Countryman, the council agreed.

A motion by Newman to approve the Water and Sewer Report was backed by Countryman, the council agreed.

“We talked about the town hall and the HVAC system. I told you I would get quotes for HVAC for the police [headquarters] and the council chamber. In the meantime, I spoke to Matt Isaac who does HVAC. At the moment we have a unit for one side of the building and a unit for the other side of the building; [they’re controlled from two different offices]. Because of the way the ventilation and piping are in the rooms, nothing is enough. I got a quote to fix only two rooms; $9,000 to fix one room and $12,000 for two rooms. Matt Isaac said for $10,000 he would combine the two units and place the temperature control in the hallway. For $10,000, he repairs both sides from one end of the building to the other. That is changing the piping, putting them together and making them work as one. I’m moving forward [with the $10,000 bid]said village manager Danny Pertuset.

Mayor Wayne Setty reported that two dumpsters would be placed at the water tower on Marble Furnace Road on Monday, Oct. 4.

“Once they’re full, that’s all,” he said. No tires are accepted.

Setty also reported that the Splash Pad would be closed on September 8.

“Goods [redoing] the sidewalks for Fifth Third Bank from the Vine Street to Walnut Street intersection. I have two estimates, one from Crother’s Construction at $13,000 and L and H at $8,000,” Setty said. The village manager will award the offer at its discretion.

Rarden Road remains open [during Old Timer’s Day Festival]’ said Sety.

Newman reported that since Peebles Police Captain Mat Nickolas patrolled Shaker Run Road, the nuisance has abated.

“Still a lot better than it was, but some of them still think they can do whatever they want. But it has improved since he was there,” Newman said. He gave a description of two cars in particular that still exhibited disruptive behaviour.

“This is up to the mayor, councilors, administrator and all village employees. This letter serves as my official resignation as a member of this board, effective September 30, 2021. I regret that I will not be able to complete my term in December, but due to the changes in the medical benefits of my retirement from Peebles Library, it is is very much in my interest to do this. I have enjoyed serving on the village council for the past 19 years. Thank you all and I wish you all the best,” Gordley said.

Setty stood and handed Gordley a card and plaque commemorating her 19 years of service.

“Thank you all,” she said.

A Countryman motion to accept Gordley’s resignation effective Sept. 30 was supported by Councilman Connie Kidder.

The Board has 30 days to fill the vacancy from the date of resignation, September 30. If the council cannot fill the vacancy, the mayor will appoint someone.

A Countryman motion to hire Nickolas as a full-time deputy in the Peebles Police Department was supported by Kidder, the council agreed.

A Countryman motion to suspend was supported by Gordley, the council agreed.

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